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Keripik pare Oleh Oleh Khas jakarta Terbaru

Keripik pare Oleh Oleh Khas jakarta Terbaru

Jakarta as the funds city of Indonesia did produce awestruck many, many intimates who try their fluke in attendance. But many are irritating to vacation in attendance, representing individuals who are on vacation to Jakarta, and was looking representing a oleh oleh khas jakarta store by the distinctive jakarta we try to offer our most recent products as by the distinctive jakarta, ie chips trim.
Pare famous with animosity with the purpose of has nowadays distorted with polite taste and can spoil your tongue. Pare healthy fruit chips nowadays can too be by the distinctive jakarta to your visiting in jakarta.

We are a manufacturer of chips om trim trim brand is not expound completely in Jakarta, but we are quick to transport chips trim us to your domestic wherever you are. We are the innovative manufacturer of Semarang who are quick to produce chips om trim into by the distinctive jakarta. For individuals of you who desire to fall for chips trim us, we will forward the chips we completely from Semarang to find to your board so you figure out not anxiety to bring from jakarta to find to your board. Chips trim we are quick to transport to your domestic.

Om trim trim made from natural and too healthy, we grow it manually in our patch with organic unindustrialized systems, so it is gratis of wounding element pesticides, in addition to the chips we too healthy as a delivery of the content of the nutrients from the fruit trim. It fits completely to your munchies in your leisure stretch.
Pare chips nowadays expound as by the distinctive Semarang, and is nowadays quick to expound as by the distinctive jakarta to you all who are visiting in jakarta.
The outlay we offer is very substandard, the following outlay make a list:

1 package contains 6 set of chips trim with all set contains 150gr representing barely 100,000
Package 2 contains 12 packs of chips trim with all set containing 150gr representing barely 180,000
Package 3 contains 18 packs chips trim with all set containing 150gram representing barely 280,000

Was not substandard chips trim letters with the purpose of we offer, you can have it by way of order it to us via:

Wa / sms: 082234461406

Waiting please make contact with us, we too membukak registration representing individuals of you who feel like to be resseler us, certainly with slanting outlay.

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